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Super7 ReAction Aliens Alien Day Game Over Man Hudson Action Figure MOC

  • $ 4898

2021 Alien Day

Aliens ReAction Figure Wave 1 - Game Over Man Hudson

When you’ve just narrowly escaped from the Atmosphere Processing Plant with only part of your squad, having your UD-4 Dropship crash can do some serious damage to your calm and sense of well-being, as PFC. Hudson can readily attest. This 3.75” fully articulated Aliens ReAction figure of Marine Squad Leader W.L. Hudson depicts the famous “Game over, man!” moment from the classic sci-fi movie. We all have our “Game over, man!” moments, so order this Aliens ReAction figure of Hudson’s famous moment of crisis to remind yourself that as bad as it seems, things will eventually work out… unless you’re dragged away by Xenomorphs in a blaze of glory. Then it's time to reevaluate some of your life decisions.

Brand New on a Sealed Card