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Super7 Alien Super Soapies Xenomorph Bubble Wand Bottle BRAND NEW

  • $ 2998

Super7 Alien Super Soapies Xenomorph Bubble Wand Bottle BRAND NEW

"At bath time, no one can hear you scream."

Modeled after the classic 1960's bubble bath containers is the Alien Xenomorph Super Soapie! This retro plastic bottle is the perfect accessory for toy shelf, desk, or bathtub. The heads on the Super7 Super Soapies unscrew with a bubble wand attached so each can be filled with soap and F-U-N can be had blowing bubbles. The Super Soapie stands approximately 10-inches tall and holds approximately 15 ounces of soap.

Soap is included and each Super Soapie is shrink wrapped in plastic and packaged in a cardboard base.