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Forever Dark Obscurities

Ever since we can remember we have been obsessed with all things strange. Horror. Music. Literature. Comics. Toys. Art. Clothing. Everything had become an ever evolving quest to obtain all things obscene. What we have collected is an array of art, collectibles, merch catered to those with a taste in all things obscure. So if it's Dystopian Sci Fi films on VHS or cassette demos from the good ole days of tape trading in the 80's and early 90's, we got you. Want to decorate your home or office with cool as $hit movie posters from every imaginable genre? Horror. Kung Fu. Sci Fi. Exploitation. EVERYTHING. Need to buy some gear to show off how f*#%ing weird you really are? getting the point? Feel free to email us if you are looking for something we dont have listed here on the site.